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Semi-Truck Driver Caused A Six-Vehicle Car Crash In Arizona While “Actively Using” TikTok

Semi-Truck Driver Caused A Six-Vehicle Car Crash In Arizona While “Actively Using” TikTok (Photo: Law & Crime)

A semi-truck driver caused a six-vehicle car crash earlier this year was found that he was “actively using” TikTok” on the job, leading to the crash and the deaths of a few.

Danny Tiner (Photo: CBS News)

Semi-Truck Driver, Leading Cause Of The Arizona Six-Vehicle Crash

Danny Tiner, a 36-year-old, semi-truck driver, was found responsible for the six-vehicle car crash in Arizona that led to the deaths of five people. According to officials, the semi-truck driver was “actively using” TikTok on the job, which resulted in the six-vehicle crash. The crash took place last January 12 at 6 a.m., when Tiner was heading to Interstate 10. The semi-truck driver at the time reported that he received a message from his work tablet and tended to his tablet to acknowledge the message. He then reported that when he looked back toward the road, he was not able to hit the brakes on time.

According to an earlier report, the semi-truck driver ended up crashing two cars, pushing them into another truck’s back. The truck that was smashed was pushed forward, which also hit two more cars. The Arizona Department of Public Safety stated last January that the two cars that were pushed and crushed between the trucks ignited and caught on fire. The fire then spread to Tiner’s truck and to the trailer of the second truck. Jerardo Vazquez, Ryan Gooding, Gilberto Franco, Andrew Standifird, and Willis Thompson were all killed in the crash caused by the semi-truck driver.

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Tiner’s Fate After The Incident

After further investigation by the Department of Public Safety, it was found that the semi-truck driver was speeding prior to the six-vehicle crash and was distracted in the process. The semi-truck driver was driving at 68 mph. Tiner’s phone was turned over for a forensic exam, where the results revealed that TikTok was used actively at the time of the incident.

After his arrest, 10 felony charges were charged against Tiner relating to the six-vehicle crash. His counts included five counts of manslaughter, one count of tampering with evidence, and four counts of endangerment.

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