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Baltimore Mass Shooting Leaves 2 People Dead, 28 Injured at a Block Party

Baltimore mass shooting
Baltimore mass shooting took the lives of two people aged 18 and 20

A Sunday block party in Brooklyn Homes witnessed the brutal Baltimore mass shooting, leaving two people dead with 28 injured.

Baltimore mass shooting

Baltimore mass shooting took the lives of two people aged 18 and 20 (Photo: Top Shot Las Vegas)

The authorities are conducting an investigation into the Baltimore mass shooting that occurred at a block party in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood. The incident happened around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 2, when individuals celebrated “Brooklyn Day.”

Baltimore Mass Shooting Brutally Murdered Two Individuals

The Baltimore mass shooting took the lives of Aaliyah Gonzales, 18, and Kylis Fagbemi, 20. Fagbemi was pronounced dead when he was taken to the hospital. 

During the investigation, Police Acting Commissioner Richard Worley revealed that there were people under 18 when the Baltimore mass shooting happened. 

According to Reuters, nine individuals were hospitalized and a few of them are in critical condition. 

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott expressed his condolences as he stated that they will not stop until they find the suspect and pay for what they did in the Baltimore mass shooting. 

“We will not to stop until we find you and we will find you. Until then I hope that with every single breath that you take that you think about the lives that you took and you think about the lives that you impacted here tonight,” Mr Scott said, as quoted by BBC News.

It also revealed that the police department is still unclear of the suspect’s motive, and they are appealing for the public to share information regarding the Baltimore mass shooting

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Baltimore Mass Shooting Considered ‘One of the Greatest’ in Town

Baltimore mass shooting

Police officers investigating the Baltimore mass shooting. (Photo: The Telegraph)

Some reports say the Baltimore mass shooting was considered one of the greatest in town. 

Aljazeera said the Baltimore mass shooting was highlighted as one of the “largest single acts of gun violence” since 2014. 

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It also reported that the Baltimore mass shooting coincided with Independence Day, usually celebrated with fireworks, and some party attendees thought that the mass shooting was just fireworks.

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