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Harvard Admissions Under Fire As They Allegedly Prefer To Admit Children Of Alumni In The University

Harvard Admissions Under Fire As They Allegedly Prefer To Admit Children Of Alumni In The University (Photo: Harvard Summer School)

Harvard admissions under fire over “legacy admissions”.

Inside Harvard (Photo: NBC News)

Harvard Admissions Under Fire For Legacy Admissions

Following the Supreme Court’s judgment last week that bans the use of affirmative action to choose incoming students, so-called legacy college admissions, or giving priority to the offspring of alumni, are under further scrutiny. Harvard admissions, in particular, are under fire.

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering imposing a new tax on the state’s schools and universities that admit students using legacy preferences, such as Harvard University and Williams College, a small but renowned liberal arts college. Community colleges in the state would get any funds generated by the charge.

Harvard admissions recently came under the limelight as a civil rights group sued the Ivy League school just this month. Saying that Harvard admissions prefer the children of alumni, who are primarily children of White and wealthy families. This puts Harvard admissions in a discriminatory stance. Placing potential students in an unfair position just because Harvard admissions prefer the children of the university’s faculty, athletes, and wealthy sponsors of the school.

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News Relating To Legacy Admissions In Other Schools

Following the issue in Harvard admissions, Massachusetts lawmakers would also impose fines on universities that employ early-decision applications, a practice that is frequently criticized for giving applicants from wealthy families an unfair edge in the admissions process.

Although early decision often attracts richer students, it typically has a higher acceptance percentage than the normal admissions pool since early candidates might not be aware of the amount of financial help they could be eligible for before deciding whether to enroll.

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