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Trials For Murder Charges Set For This Week

Trials For Murder Charges Set For This Week (Photo: Newsbreak)

Trials for various murder charges are set for this week.

Michael Turney, Blueface, and Ashley Benefield, all are facing murder charges (Photo: Law&Crime)

First Set Of Trials For Murder Charges Set For This Week

The first trial for murder charges this week would be for Michael Turney, who killed his teenage daughter. The Arizona man, 75, is said to have murdered his stepdaughter, 17-year-old Alissa Turney, in 2001. Michael Turney initially reported Alissa was running away to California, as stated in the letter she allegedly wrote to him. The teenage girl was last seen on the last day of her junior year at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix. Alissa’s case was opened again in 2008 when Phoenix Police Department Missing Persons Unit declared her disappearance as foul play. From there, Michael’s home was searched in relation to her case. Several military-grade weapons and explosive devices were found in his home. Michael was charged with illegal possession of firearms and a second-degree murder charge for Alissa’s death.

The second trial for murder charges for this week would be the case of former border patrol agent Ronald Burgos-Aviles. Burgos-Aviles is currently charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend, 28-year-old Grizelda Hernandez, and their one-year-old son Dominick Hernandez. Burgos-Aviles is likely to face the death penalty regarding his murder charges. The relationship between the victim and defendant allegedly started when Burgos-Aviles was living with a different woman with whom he had children, according to Hernandez’s relatives. When Hernandez became pregnant, she informed Burgos-Aviles that she was ready to raise Dominick alone.

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Second Set Of Trials For Murder Charges Set For This Week

Rapper Jonathan Porter, also known as Blueface, is anticipated to submit a guilty plea on Monday in relation to a Las Vegas strip club shooting. Authorities think that in October 2022, Blueface fired a gun at a man outside a nightclub because the man made a joke to the rapper. Blueface’s trial for his murder charges is also set for this week.

Another trial for murder charges is set for Wednesday this week. Williard Miller is set for his murder sentencing hearing. The Iowa teenager admits to murdering Nohema Graber, his Spanish teacher. Miller and his co-defendant, Jeremy Goodale, said that they committed the murder because they received a bad grade. A sentence of between thirty years and life in prison was suggested by the prosecution.

On Thursday, Ashley Benefield is set to face her sentencing hearing as she is currently facing murder charges for the murder of her husband, Douglas Benefield. According to detectives, Ashley said Douglas assaulted her and she shot him when she walked to a neighbor’s home in September 2020. However, it was found throughout the investigation that Douglas most likely had his back faced to Ashley when he was shot. According to reports, 13 days after the couple first met, they were married.

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