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Illegal Sideshows Are Now Terrorizing The Streets Of Oakland

Illegal Sideshows Are Now Terrorizing The Streets Of Oakland (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

Participants in illegal sideshows in Oakland reportedly shut off bridges and roads for them to race and spin their cars.

A scene in the illegal sideshows in Oakland (Photo: Fox News)

Illegal Sideshows Terrorize Oakland

In Oakland, California, a dangerous trend is endangering the general public, prompting the local government to come up with additional measures to deal with the frightening illegal sideshows.

In order to put on risky tricks like extreme donuts and even wrecks, drivers and spectators in the San Francisco Bay Area are progressively closing down intersections, residential streets, parking lots, and even bridges.

According to a local, drivers are drawing firearms on people who are taking photos of their license plates to report the activity. Additionally, participants in the illegal sideshows are wearing masks to conceal their identities. District 5 Oakland Councilman Noel Gallo claimed that participants in these said illegal sideshows travel from outside the Oakland region just to participate, which draws large groups of players and onlookers.

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Efforts Of The Local Government To Stop These Illegal Sideshows

Gallo said that in addition to making investments to ensure public safety and quality of life, he also pays for more police officers to deal with the worsening illegal sideshows.

Gallo warned the individuals partaking in the illegal sideshows, saying, “We will find you.” There have even been cases of participants obstructing police vehicles with their own cars to hinder their attempts in putting an end to the illegal sideshows. When asked what might be done to deter and stop these illegal sideshows, Gallo listed some solutions for his city.

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