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Drug Cartel in Mexico Takes Lives After Planting 7 Bomb Traps

drug cartel
a drug cartel in Mexico killed six individuals. (Photo: CBS News)

A drug cartel in Mexico sets seven bomb traps that kill six individuals on Wednesday.

drug cartel

A drug cartel in Mexico killed six individuals. (Photo: CBS News)

Drug Cartel in Mexico Sets IEDs That Killed Six Individuals

A devastating incident unfolded in western Mexico as a drug cartel orchestrated a lethal ambush, resulting in the deaths of four police officers and two civilians. Officials revealed that a drug cartel had planted bombs, representing a troubling development where Mexican criminals have successfully employed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to target law enforcement for the first time.

According to The Guardian, the chief prosecutor of Jalisco state, Luis Méndez, revealed the devastating impact of the explosions that occurred in the town of Tlajomulco. The blasts set by a drug cartel were so powerful that they caused craters on the road, obliterated a minimum of four vehicles, and injured 14 individuals.

During the search operation, a police convoy and the accompanying search party were tragically targeted at the location of the ambush set by a drug cartel. Seven explosive devices that had been placed on the road were triggered simultaneously, inflicting widespread devastation.

They also discovered the eighth bomb but it did not explode.

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, attributed the tragic deaths to an undisclosed drug cartel, assuming responsibility for the violent incident, ABC News reported.

In light of the escalating danger faced by civilians, Alfaro announced a temporary suspension of police escorts for volunteer search operations, prioritizing the safety of those involved.

drug cartel

Photo: NewsNation

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A Brutal Drug Cartel Leaves Human Leg Hanging From A Pedestrian Bridge

A gruesome discovery in Toluca, located just west of Mexico City, points to the involvement of a violent drug cartel. A severed human leg was found hanging from a pedestrian bridge, signaling the start of a violent chain of events.

CBS News reported that additional body parts from at least two individuals surfaced in different areas of the city. The trunk of one victim, along with handwritten signs bearing the signature of the Familia Michoacana cartel, a violent drug cartel in Mexico, was left near the city center.

Later, more body parts were discovered in another neighborhood, accompanied by handwritten signs associated with the drug cartel. The victim is believed to be a man aged between 35 and 40, adding another layer of horror to this chilling crime.

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