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Alleged Targeted Shooting In Connecticut Leaves 3 People In Critical Condition And 1 Dead

Alleged Targeted Shooting In Connecticut Leaves 3 People In Critical Condition And 1 Dead (Photo: FOX News)

An alleged targeted shooting in Connecticut left one man killed and another three dead.

A neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut, where the targeted shooting took place (Photo: NBC Connecticut)

Alleged Targeted Shooting Took Place In Connecticut, As Reported By FOX News

According to the police, one man was killed and three people, including a 17-year-old girl, were critically wounded following an alleged targeted shooting that occurred in a residential neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut last Saturday afternoon.

|n a news conference, police stated that the targeted shooting occurred inside an apartment on Maple Avenue, where they were carrying out a search warrant.

Police stated that no arrests have been made as of the moment and the motive behind the targeted shooting is currently unknown.

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Aftermath Of The Targeted Shooting, According To AP News

It was a “mutual combatant” situation, according to Hartford Police Lt. Aaron Boisvert, which means some shooters were also fired at, as reported by AP News.

Police immediately responded to the scene after callers reported that a 17-year-old victim was shot during the targeted shooting.

Two other victims were taken to a hospital when police discovered them on another street. A third victim was discovered close to the area of the targeted shooting after he crashed his car. Police announced that one of the two victims that were taken to the hospital was later pronounced dead. No other relevant information was available after the targeted shooting.

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