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Michael Beauchamp Convicted for Murder of Woman Who Is Supposedly About to Testify Against Him

Michael Beauchamp Convicted for Murder of Woman Who Is Supposedly About to Testify Against Him. | MEAWW

Michael Beauchamp, 59, was convicted for murdering Ginger Gover, to prevent her from testifying against him regarding his battery and arson case.

Pierce County jury convicted Michael Beauchamp, 59, for murdering Ginger Gover, 41, in 2018. Michael Beauchamp was charged with Gover’s murder on June 18 of 2020. Michael Beauchamp had been in custody since October 2018, for charges of burglary and arson in the Thurston County.

Michael Beauchamp’s victim, Ginger Gover, 41. | OXYGEN

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Gover’s father filed a missing persons report on July 31, 2018 as he deemed it strange for Gover not to contact him, says Authorities.

Ingrid Phillips, mother of Michael Beauchamp’s victim, Gover, stated that Michael Beauchamp is guilty on everything, referring to all the charges indicted to Michael Beauchamp, including the murder of Gover. Gover’s mother was regretful as her late husband did not witness Michael Beauchamp put to justice for murdering their daughter.

The court document shows that Gover’s father reported that Gover was last heard of on July 29 of 2018.

Phillips also shared to the authorities that Gover had information about a crime in Thurston County and worries she would be a “target.”

Ginger Gover’s body was found almost two months after her father reported her missing in 2018.

As investigators speculated that Gover’s death was a result of a foul play, they launched an investigation and a search warrant at Michael Beauchamp’s residence on October 8, 2018.

In Michael Beauchamp’s home, the investigators found blood splatters around his bedroom, a detached garage and a truck, Oxygen Crime News reports.

Michael Beauchamp was sentenced with First Degree Aggravated Murder, Second Degree Murder, First Degree Assault, and Malicious Mischief Second Degree.

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