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Catch the Back to School Tax-Free Holiday which will Commence this Friday in Alabama

School supplies that will qualify for sales tax exempt (Photo: The Tallassee Tribune)

Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce executive director Shellie Whitfield on Tax-Free holiday Alabama (Photo: The Wetumpka Herald)

The time to shop is now because the first day of school is just around the corner

From 12:01 a.m., a number of school supplies, computers, books, and apparel will be exempt from both state sales tax and use tax in participating counties. Friday through Sunday at midnight during the tax-free holiday.

According to a published article from The Tallassee Tribune, Shellie Whitfield, executive director of the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce, said that families should take advantage of this time to get their children ready for school.

It’s a chance for folks to take care of their children with support. Not every city follows that, so we are incredibly blessed to live where we do, she said. “It’s a gift from our government to our families,” she added.

Examples of items that are exempt from sales and use taxes during tax-free holiday

Clothing that costs $100 or less per article qualifies as an eligible item during the tax-free holiday.

Examples include shoes, underwear, pajamas, robes, pajamas, boots, diapers, dresses, gym suits, hosiery, neckties, pants, and pants.

Accessories for clothing, protection gear, or sporting goods are not permitted. Handbags, helmets, goggles, and cleated athletic shoes are a few examples.

School Supplies (Photo: The Woods Private School)

A laptop, desktop, or tower computer system with a central processor unit, display monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers offered as a package for $750 or less qualifies as an eligible computer.

Individual components or add-ons for computers will not be accepted.

Apart from cell phones, computer printers, printer paper, and printer ink, some computer software, such as diskettes, compact disks, portable electronic schedulers, or personal digital assistants, is covered by the tax-free holiday.

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In terms of school supplies, each qualified item must cost $50 or less.

Binders, composition books, glue, index cards, lunchboxes, pencils, pens, writing tablets, specific paints, drawing pads, and reference globes or maps can all be considered among these supplies. Each eligible book must cost $30 or less.

The website of the Department of Revenue contains a comprehensive list of all qualified school supplies for this year.


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