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Search continues for the Missing Mom in California, Maya Millette’s family, and friends said they want her to be found

Maya Millete, a missing 39-year old mom in Southern California (Photo: CBS News)

Maya Millete, the missing mom in California (Photo: CBS News)

An almost cold case of a missing mom in California – Maya Millete

According to a published article from CBS News, authorities have been looking into the missing mom in California, Maya Millete since January 2021, and the story has been covered by regional and national media.

Her disappearance has been investigated by the Chula Vista Police Department and other federal agencies, including the FBI, for more than two years.

Due to the case of missing mom in California, numerous searches, rallies, and vigils have been held across San Diego County, and her family, friends, and members of the community have also attended.

The family, police enforcement, and court filings have all provided updates about the missing mom in California, Maya Millete. Maya, missing mom in California, before she vanished, she had some misunderstandings with Larry Millete, his spouse.

Larry Millete, the husband of Maya (Photo: CBS News)

According to investigators, the couple had been having marital problems, and just before Maya vanished, Larry allegedly started talking to spell-casters about having a hex placed on his wife to keep her in the union. Maya Millete is missing.


According to a published article from CBS 8 News, Maya May Millete, a missing mom in California, a 39-year-old mother of three young children, disappeared in Chula Vista, California, more than a year ago.

To prevent Maya’s disappearance from turning into a cold case, Richard Drouaillet and Maricris, Maya’s sister, have put up a valiant fight.

Maya, the missing mom in California, was preoccupied with organizing a ski trip to Big Bear for her daughter’s birthday at the beginning of January 2021. But on January 7, she abruptly stopped communicating, which worried her family.

According to Maricris, the sister of the missing mom in California, when their brother J.R. The following day, when her husband Larry went to check on Maya, he was informed that she had been in the bedroom for a long time. J.R. I rang the doorbell but got no answer.

Larry was arrested in October 2021 due to murder of Maya, he pleaded not guilty (Photo: CBS News)

After still hearing nothing from Maya the next day, Maricris and Richard headed over to the Millete residence.
That evening, Maricris reported her sister missing to the Chula Vista Police Department after feeling uneasy about anything.

The Millete kids are still being raised by Larry’s parents at home. But in November 2021, Maya’s family was given visiting rights after going months without seeing them. But the battle has not ended.

A petition for guardianship of her sister’s children has been submitted by Maricris.

Even now, Maya, the missing mom in California, her family and friends are still looking for her.

If you have information on the case, contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5139.


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