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Reinstate the Black Veterans’ Benefits, A Call from State Attorneys General to Congress

State attorneys general call on Congress to reinstate benefits for Black veterans. (Photo: NBC Connecticut)

A WWII black soldier worthy of receiving Black veterans’ benefits (Photo: NBC Connecticut)

Black veterans’ benefits, a need to restore

According to a published article from NBC Connecticut, this week marks the 75th anniversary of the desegregation of the US military. Many Black veterans, especially those who served in World Wars II and Vietnam, continue to face difficulties due to lower acceptance rates for GI Bill benefits including homeownership and disability pay.

23 attorneys general sent a letter to Congress on the anniversary of the military’s desegregation pleading with them to advance H.R. In 1255 to restore the Black veterans’ benefits, “Sgt. They included Connecticut AG William Tong and Sgt. Joseph H. Maddox from the GI Bill Restoration Act of 2023.

Since these warriors and their families provided so much, it is vital and a matter of justice to restore the Black veterans’ benefits, Tong added.

The law on restoring Black veterans’ benefits, would give Black World War II veterans, spouses, and descendants who were previously refused those benefits due to their race access to VA home loans and education subsidies.

“And that’s why what this law on restoring Black veterans’ benefits would do is ensure that anybody who was prejudiced by a discriminatory practice in VA benefits, in education, in home loan guarantees, or who were victims of redlining, that now we make that right,” Tong said.

Black veterans have long had difficulty receiving GI Bill benefits at the same rate as white veterans.

This week, a report from the Government Accountability Office confirmed that, between 2010 and 2020, Black veterans received lower acceptance rates for GI Bill disability benefits than any other group.

This urges the attorneys general to call on Congress to restore the Black veterans’ benefits.



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