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Beat the Summer Heat – Here are the Fun Ways to Cope

Its summer time and you need to protect your skin (Photo: iStock)

The time to live your best life is in the summer. Our mood is improved by longer days and plenty of sun exposure thanks to vitamin D and serotonin. Who could want more? Here are fun ways to beat the summer heat.

DIY AC to cool yourself down (Photo: Foreo)

Before we even leave the house, we sweat, are uncomfortable, and are dehydrated. Turning up the air conditioning and staying inside till fall would be a simple option. Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy. As a result, we devised a ton of fun methods to beat the summer heat and stay cool!

In a recently published article from Foreo, here are some ways to beat the summer heat.

1. DIY AC Time

No problem without AC! A standard fan, a bowl, and some ice are all you need. First, fill the dish with ice. The bowl should then be put in front of your fan to beat the summer heat. The fan may now be turned on, and presto! The ice is melting, and the fan is circulating the room with the evaporating chilly air. Just keep in mind to replenish the bowl and pile up on ice. AC who?

2. Prepare Your Smoothie

Is there a tastier way to chill yourself than by indulging in a cold, tasty treat? There are several sweet frozen treats available for consumption to beat the summer heat. Berries and other fruits are delicious and nutrient-dense. Additionally, freeze your juices or smoothies for a convenient, healthy snack that you can always have on hand!

3. Egyptian Sleeping Time

The sleep habits of the ancient Egyptians were advanced for their time in many ways. They would immerse their blankets in cold water before bed to cool off. This technique can be improved by using a fan while you sleep and beat the summer heat. You will become cooler as the water from the wet towel or sheet on top of you evaporates. To avoid soaking the bed, you might also place a dry towel under you to beat the summer heat.

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Added strategies to cope and beat the summer heat:

In a recently published article from Real Simple, here are some other ways to beat the summer heat.

1. Pick a Water Fight in Sight!

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Having fun and staying cool. I’m in, please! Pick an opponent, get your water balloons and water weapons ready, and conceal your technology. Also, don’t worry about the moist cabinets or flooring. The wonderful aspect is that the heat will make things dry incredibly quickly and lets you beat the summer heat!

2. Extraordinary Chilling Sensation

Can’t get away from the heat? Your wrists, neck, inner elbows and knees, or the tips of your feet are good places to pay attention to your pulse. UFO or UFO 2 are fantastic, hassle-free ways to accomplish this. Cooling therapy is embedded into these amazing beauty tech gadgets, which you can manage with the FOREO For You App and beat the summer heat.

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