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Hurricane Hilary Made Landfall In LA; Dodger Stadium Flooded, True Or Not?

Hurricane Hilary Made Landfall In LA; Dodger Stadium Flooded, True Or Not?|SFGATE

As Hurricane Hilary made landfall in Los Angeles, reports of the Dodgers Stadium being flooded have been spreading online.

Hurricane Hilary Made Landfall In LA; Dodger Stadium Flooded, True Or Not?|ESPN

The Los Angeles Dodgers changed the date of their Sunday baseball game with the Miami Marlins to Saturday because of Hurricane Hilary.

This decision proved to be a wise one, as pictures of Dodger Stadium after the Hurricane Hilary went viral, showing the stadium ‘severely’ flooded.

Hurricane Hilary hit Southern California on Sunday, causing heavy rainfall and strong winds. Hurricane Hilary caused overflowing mud and boulders on roads, fallen trees, and flooded streets. A flash flood warning was in place until Monday morning.

Los Angeles Dodgers Aerial Photography team took a photo of the flooded Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The pictures showed that the parking lot was flooded, making it impossible to host any games due to the aftermath of Hurricane Hilary.

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New reports are now saying that the Dodger Stadium was not flooded, debunking the spread of the news of the stadium being flooded after the Hurricane Hilary.

There was some confusion on social media after Hurricane Hilary passed through the Los Angeles region. The Dodgers have clarified that the viral photos and videos of Dodger Stadium and its surrounding area had been flooded after the Hurricane Hilary, was not true, ABC7 News reports.

The Dodgers responded to the misrepresentation on social media by acknowledging that Dodger Stadium was trending noted that the stadium was beautiful after the hurricane Hilary, ABC7 News added.

With all the excitement about a historic weather like Hurricane Hilary hitting Southern California, it is inevitable to come across misleading information.

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