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Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago in 2023!

Chicago, the third-largest US city, has a 2.7 million population and is known for its cultural heritage, architecture, and thriving communities. (Photo: NCESC)

In the third-largest city in the country, Chicago, about 2.7 million people are living there. The Windy City makes an impression thanks to its fascinating cultural heritage, iconic architecture, and vibrant communities.

Chicago’s glitz and glamour blend with harsh realities, resulting in 450 annual murders. Here’s a list of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago for the year 2023.(Photo: USA Esta Vista)

However, it also has crime issues, just like any major city.

The most dangerous areas of Chicago are examined in this blog post from nyrentownsell, along with information on their crime rates, population trends, and ongoing efforts to address these urgent issues.

Chicago, my friend, is a city of contrasts, as you can see. It’s a place where the Magnificent Mile’s glitz and glamour coexist with the gritty realities of the city’s worst neighborhoods, where there are nearly 450 murders annually.

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I have some insider knowledge you might want to think about before you decide to pack your bags and relocate to Chi-town.

The southwest journal has a copy of RoadSnacks’ ranking of worst neighborhoods in Chicago for 2023. You might be wondering how they came up with this list at this point. It’s not as easy as throwing darts at a map, though.

West Garfield Park
Population: 17,0000 (Approx)
Violent Crime: 3,371 per /100k People (Chicago Avg. 943)
Property Crime: 8,974 per/100K People (Chicago Avg. 2,983)

One of the 77 officially recognized Chicago community areas is West Garfield Park on Chicago’s West Side. In line with Garfield Park, it is to the west. However, it is included in the list of the worst neighborhoods in  Chicago (Photo: iStock)

West Garfield Park, which has a population of about 17,000, regrettably has high crime rates. It has been noted as one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Every year, there are alarmingly 2,000 shootings in Chicago. With an alarmingly high rate of 411 shootings per 100,000 residents, West Garfield Park stands out among the city’s various neighborhoods.

With 31 murders in total in 2016, this neighborhood, unfortunately, saw an uptick in crime, translating to a startling murder rate of 172 per 100,000 residents. These statistics highlight the urgent need for effective action to stop the violence plaguing the neighborhood and highlight how serious the crime situation is in West Garfield Park.

East Garfield Park
Population: 19,000 (Approx)
Violent Crime: 2,886 per /100k People (Chicago Avg. 943)
Property Crime: 6,696 per/100K People (Chicago Avg. 2,983)

West of the Loop, on Chicago, Illinois’s West Side, is East Garfield Park. Garfield Park East. Still included in the list of Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago. (Photo: Trulia)

East Garfield Park, which is close to West Garfield Park, has comparable issues with crime. This neighborhood, which is home to about 19,000 people, has struggled greatly with both violent and property crimes.

In this dangerous area of Chicago, efforts are currently being made to address the issues that exist. However, everyone present—locals as well as guests—must exercise caution.

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Grand Crossing
Population: 32,000 (Approx)
Violent Crime: 2,679 per /100k People (Chicago Avg. 943)
Property Crime: 5,519 per/100K People (Chicago Avg. 2,983)

Grand Crossing’s name originates from the 1853 feud between Lake Shore Southern Railway and Illinois Central Railroad. Also included in the list of the Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago. (Photo: Chicago Park District)

Grand Crossing, which is on the city’s South Side, is home to about 32,000 people. Even though the neighborhood is actively working to revitalize itself, crime is still a major concern.

Grand Crossing’s relatively low police response rate emphasizes the need for locals and people out on the streets at night to use caution and be on the lookout for danger.

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