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Americana At Brand Mall in Panic as California Man Detained for Planting Rainbow-Colored Toilet with Bomb Threat Sparking Mass Evacuation

Rainbow-Colored Toilet Triggers Mass Evacuation at Americana at Brand as California Man Arrested for Bomb Threat (Photo: iStock)

A seemingly innocent, rainbow-colored toilet sparked a major security alert at the Americana at Brand mall shopping center in Glendale, California. Shoppers were evacuated, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s bomb squad rushed to the scene after a suspicious note suggested the toilet might be a bomb. In a bizarre turn of events, 22-year-old Timothy Taratchila,  man arrested on charges of making a false bomb threat, leaving both authorities and the public puzzled by the strange occurrence.

Photo taken by the Glendale Police Department on August 25, 2023, Man arrested for bomb threat features Timothy Taratchila in a mugshot. (Photo: Yahoo News)

The Rainbow-Colored Toilet Mystery Puzzled Out

As dusk settled on the report published by Mail Online, on August 25, 2023, over the bustling Americana at Brand mall, panic ensued when a peculiar rainbow-colored toilet appeared near the shops, accompanied by a chilling note hinting at possible explosives. Shoppers at Americana at Brand mall were swiftly evacuated as police and the bomb squad descended on the scene.

A drone was deployed to inspect the rainbow-colored toilet from above, and a mobile X-ray machine was used to scrutinize its contents. After a painstaking investigation, the bomb squad determined that the toilet posed no threat to Americana at Brand Mall and the public.

Despite the initial chaos, security measures proved effective, and the suspect was swiftly apprehended.

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Americana at Brand Mall Baffling Artwork and Mysterious Motive

In a recent report revealed by NY Breaking, upon closer examination, the rainbow-colored toilet discovered at Americana at Brand mall revealed an unusual, artistic twist. Painted in vibrant blues, greens, yellows, and reds, the lavatory bore a skull motif and cryptic words like ‘dog’ and ‘attempt.’ Abandoned approximately 50 feet from the Americana at Brand mall’s AMC Theater, authorities suspect it was transported on a luggage dolly that was later discovered nearby.

As security measures proved their mettle in this peculiar incident, Americana at Brand mall owner Rick Caruso praised their effectiveness and thanked law enforcement for their swift response. However, the mystery surrounding Taratchila’s motive remains unresolved as he awaits his court appearance.

In a curious turn of events, this rainbow-colored toilet, initially mistaken for a bomb, has left Glendale residents and authorities scratching their heads. While security measures successfully averted a potential disaster, the strange artwork on the rainbow-colored toilet and the cryptic motives behind its placement continue to baffle investigators. As the suspect faces legal proceedings, the lingering question remains: What drove someone to leave such rainbow-colored toilet an enigmatic, albeit harmless, “bomb” in Americana at Brand mall shopping center?

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