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Close Encounter with Coyote: Weekend Safety Alert Urges Military Vigilance Around Wildlife

Photo: Mossy Oak

In the world of military training, bizarre incidents such as a  close encounter with coyotes are not uncommon. The safety briefings that precede these endeavors often include a litany of warnings, some so outlandish that they prompt incredulous laughter. However, as one July incident at Fort Johnson’s Joint Readiness Training Center in Louisiana showed, even the most improbable warnings can become a stark reality.

Close Encounter with Coyote: Weekend Safety Alert Urges Military Vigilance Around Wildlife (Photo: Tri-City News)

Unforeseen Hazards on Military Training Grounds: Lessons from the Close Encounter with Coyote

According to the news published by Military Times, in August 26, 2023, in the world of military training, where preparation and discipline are paramount, unexpected challenges can still emerge. The recent incident of close encounter with coyote  involving members of the 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team highlights the reality that even well-trained soldiers can find themselves in precarious situations due to interactions with wildlife. The close encounter with coyote among two to four territorial of these wild creatures resulted in injuries sustained during a training exercise.

The soldiers, armed with blank ammunition, found themselves in a skirmish with the animals, sustaining bite marks. Though their injuries were not severe, the incident serves as a stark reminder that staying alert to potential risks, including those posed by the close encounter with coyote wildlife, is an integral part of military readiness.

By examining the recent incident involving the soldiers and coyotes, it becomes evident that military training extends beyond the physical and tactical aspects. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to safety that includes recognizing and mitigating risks that may not initially come to mind.

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Safety Briefs Extend Beyond the Obvious: Wildlife Awareness in Military Settings

In a recent report released by Marine Corps Times, the incident involving the close encounter with coyotes has prompted military leadership to reevaluate the content of safety briefings for soldiers. While training for combat scenarios is central to military education, being informed about potential threats beyond the battlefield is equally crucial.

Soldiers are routinely reminded not only to adhere to driving regulations and substance use policies but also to exercise caution in situations involving wildlife. The close encounter with coyotes has led to calls for increased awareness about wildlife behavior, particularly in regions where military training takes place.

This incident underscores the importance of maintaining a safe close encounter with coyotes, distance from wild animals and refraining from actions that might provoke them, ensuring that soldiers are better equipped to navigate the multifaceted challenges presented by their training environments.

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