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Former Governor of North Dakota Ed Schafer Experiences Car Theft During Radio Broadcast; Live on Air

Photo: Martin Insurance Agency

In an unexpected turn of events, Former Governor of North Dakota, Ed Schafer, found himself at the center of an unfolding drama during a live radio broadcast. While hosting the “News and Views” program at a Fargo radio station, the former governor of North Dakota, 77-year-old Schafer received a surprising phone call from the police, alerting him that his 2020 Yukon had been stolen from the station’s parking lot.

Former Governor of North Dakota Ed Schafer Experiences Car Theft During Radio Broadcast; Live on Air (Photo: InForum)

A Thief’s Bizarre Choice of Getaway Vehicle

According to the recent report published by New York Post, in August 26, 2023, as the “News and Views” program continued on air, Ed Schafer was confronted with an astonishing revelation: former governor of North Dakota, Schafer’s car had been stolen right from under his nose. It turned out that a daring thief had chosen Schafer’s 2020 Yukon as his getaway vehicle.

The audacity of the theft was only surpassed by the thief’s strange decision to drive himself to a probation office and turn himself in, a fact that left the former governor of North Dakota, Schafer,  and the radio station staff utterly flabbergasted. This unusual heist became the talk of the town, with Schafer at the center of an unwitting and unexpected crime drama.

What followed was a remarkable sequence of events that served as a stark reminder of the importance of vehicle security and the consequences of it.

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A Lesson in Vehicle Security

In a news released by FOX News, the incident shed light on an important lesson in vehicle security, even for high-profile individuals like Ed Schafer. The 2020 Yukon, equipped with a push-button start feature, requires a key fob to be inside the vehicle for it to operate. Schafer, however, had admitted to a habit of leaving a spare key fob inside the car, making it all too easy for the thief to start the vehicle and drive away.

Former Governor of North Dakota, Schafer’s revelation that his wife had been cautioning him for years about locking his car underscores the need for vigilance when it comes to safeguarding one’s belongings, regardless of one’s status or reputation. The incident serves as a wake-up call to all, reminding us that even in the most unexpected situations, security should never be taken lightly.

In a twist of fate, the former governor of North Dakota’s car theft, which unfolded live on air, serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of vehicle security and the consequences of overlooking it. Ed Schafer’s ordeal reminds us that no one is immune to theft and that vigilance in protecting our possessions is paramount. Whether you’re a former governor or an everyday citizen, the message is clear: lock your car and safeguard your belongings to prevent unexpected surprises like this one.

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