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Governor Ron Desantis To Demonstrate Leadership During Idalia, With President Biden

Governor Ron Desantis To Demonstrate Leadership During Idalia, With President Biden|Politico

Hurricane Idalia hit Florida’s gulf coastline as a Category 3 storm, posing a challenge for both Governor Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden as they need to showcase leadership and work together despite their rivalry.

Governor Ron Desantis To Demonstrate Leadership During Idalia, With President Biden|Florida Politics

Hurricane Idalia has brought the rivalry between President Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis into the limelight once again.

Governor Ron DeSantis left the Republican primary campaign in Iowa to go back to Tallahassee. Governor Ron DeSantis wanted to demonstrate his ability to handle a crisis as the governor, while also running for the presidency.

However, Governor Ron DeSantis popularity and support in the primary race are significantly lower than the leading candidate, Donald Trump.

After receiving criticism from Republican critics, including Governor Ron DeSantis, for his ‘slow and insensitive’ response to the deadly wildfires in Hawaii, Biden now faces another natural disaster.

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Both President Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis have a lot to gain if they are seen as the ones in charged by the voters.

However, both Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis also have a lot to lose if the situation deteriorates into a conflict.

According to The Hill, President Biden reached out to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to discuss the major disaster declaration that was signed in response to Hurricane Idalia.

On Wednesday, Biden commented that he believes Governor Ron DeSantis trusts his wisdom and willingness to assist, specifically in relation to hurricane Idalia, The Hill added.

READ MORE|Hurricane Idalia thrusts Biden-DeSantis rivalry back in spotlight

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