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A Silent Killer Cancer: Elena Costello’s Story of Hope

Annually, there are 36.6 new cases of colorectal cancer per 100,000 people and 13.1 new deaths. (Photo: Integris Health)

Elena Costello shares her wonderful story about a silent killer cancer that almost takes her life.


A silent killer cancer that takes the lives of hundreds of women.

Ovarian cancer is called a silent killer cancer because the symptoms are hard to notice and the diagnosis and treatments are hard, according to PHILADELPHIA (CBS) NEWS. However, this silent killer cancer is gradually changing.

A story of hope by Elena Costello. Costello shares her story about her fight against this silent killer cancer, Ovarian cancer. As for Costello, her garden was her inspiration to bring peace and comfort to her soul despite having a battle with the silent killer of cancer.

The Ardmore garden was one of Costello’s therapeutic. Costello was a four-year survivor of advanced ovarian cancer, the silent killer. She shares how this silent killer cancer changed her life.

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Costello was puzzled for almost 7 months. She always feels discomfort in her stomach. These are the symptoms that Costello had and she never thought that it was the silent killer cancer that caused her to feel those. She never recognized that she had the cancer. For her, it was just normal.

According to the report of Magee-Womens Research Institute & Foundation, this silent killer cancer or ovarian cancer has the following symptoms: Abdominal pelvic pain, bloated, trouble eating or being full quickly, and urgent or frequent need to urinate.

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Ovarian cancer was called to be the “silent killer cancer” because it is so hard to diagnose and there will be no screening. According to Dr. David O. Holtz from Maine Line Health and Costello’s doctor, it is very disappointing. The treatments are very limited but there is a new FDA medicine for recurring ovarian cancer and that is Elhere.

Doctor Holtz, was so excited to finally find a treatment that makes five-year survival for patients with advanced ovarian cancer or the silent killer cancer.

During the treatment procedure to cure this Silent killer cancer, Costello lost her hair on the last chemo which took her to use a wig. However, she was so happy that finally her hair was growing back and she felt so much relief from her new treatment procedure.

Also, she got a strong support system from the Sandy Rollman Foundation support group aside from her garden. She found comfort with the people who shared the same situation with her.

At the age of 80, she felt hopeful and happy with her family despite what happened to her. As for her, there is hope in everything. For this month, it is called Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, The Sandy Rollman Foundation is having an event, an Ovarian Cancer Awareness night at Philadelphia Phillies next Friday.

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