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Brother And Sister Feud: Married Sister Wants Gay Brother To Give His Inheritance For Her Kids

Brother And Sister Feud: Married Sister Wants Gay Brother To Give His Inheritance For Her Kids|Wise

A gay man is facing a family dispute after his recently deceased parent split the inheritance equally between brother and sister.

Brother And Sister Feud: Married Sister Wants Gay Brother To Give His Inheritance For Her Kids|CNBC

She argues that she deserves more since she is married with kids.

The brother, who is gay and living with his partner, is being pressured by his sister to use a portion of his inheritance to open bank accounts for her children.

The sister believes that their parents made a mistake of equally dividing the inheritance to the brother and sister as she is married and his brother is not and is unlikely to have kids due to his orientation.

Readers on Reddit who read the AITA thread about the brother and sister sympathized with the brother, stating that he has the right to decide how to use his half of the inheritance and that his sister should not expect more than her fair share.

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The brother’s sexual orientation and living situation should not be factors in determining how he chooses to use his portion of the inheritance.

While the sister’s argument regarding the division of the inheritance of the brother and sister may seem valid at first glance, it is important to remember that the inheritance was split equally between the brother and sister.

It is his right to decide how to allocate his funds, whether it be for personal use, investments, or even supporting his partner as it is their parents will to divide the money equally to the brother and sister.

Pressuring him to open bank accounts for her children seems unfair and unreasonable.

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