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Impacts Of Hurricanes And Its Predictability: Know More!

Impacts Of Hurricanes And Its Predictability: Know More!|CNN

The size and strength of a hurricane’s wind fields, particularly the inner core with the most destructive winds, make a difference in the impacts of hurricanes on different communities.

Impacts Of Hurricanes And Its Predictability: Know More!|Sky News

The impacts of Hurricanes can be unpredictable and as hurricanes varies in size and strength.

The recent storm, Idalia had a small but intense inner core with winds reaching 130 mph and yet experts are still working to determine the full extent of the damage.

The size of a hurricane is measured by the size of its wind fields but it can vary depending on factors such as the storm’s proximity to land.

The impacts of hurricanes can be more problematic if it is larger.

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During the hurricane Idalia, survey teams found wind speeds ranging from 80-100 mph with gusts up to 115 mph in certain locations that it made a landfall.

The reason why some storms are larger than others is still not fully understood. The impacts of hurricanes and the size of its wind field do not necessarily correlate.

After a hurricane makes landfall, the reported wind speeds may not match the forecasted speeds due to limited observations and the storm’s small wind field in sparsely populated areas.

Post-storm surveys are conducted to estimate wind speeds based on the damage caused by the impacts of hurricanes.

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