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UW Sexual Assault Victim Attacked Brutally on Sunday, Madison Police Report


Madison police disclosed that the sexual assault victim of an early Sunday morning is not only expected to survive but has also endured the trauma of  assault.

UW Sexual Assault Victim Attacked Brutally on Sunday, Madison Police Report (Photo: Undefined)

UW Sexual Assault Victim’s Survival Amidst Horror

According to the report published by WIFR, in September 06, 2023, Madison Police Department’s latest update, issued on Tuesday, shed light on the severity of the incident that occurred around 3:20 a.m., deeming it ‘horrific.’ The sexual assault victim, a woman in her 20s, was found in critical condition following the assault, and initial reports suggested that she likely did not know her attacker.

This revelation has sent ripples of concern throughout the community, prompting the police to issue a stern caution to all residents to exercise extra vigilance in the vicinity. Madison’s law enforcement agency has swiftly moved the case to the top of its priority list, assuring the public that investigators are making headway in identifying and apprehending the perpetrator responsible for both the physical and sexual assault victim.

As part of their commitment to the sexual assault victim and the community, Madison Police are collaborating closely with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to provide support to the victim’s family and friends during this trying time. In their quest for justice, the police have intensified their efforts, with Assistant Chief Paige Valenta calling in additional personnel to bolster the investigation.

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The Pursuit of Justice

In a recent incident report by NBC15 News, the police have called upon the community’s assistance, urging anyone with surveillance videos or photos from the holiday weekend within a four-block radius of the 500 block of W. Wilson St., near the S. Bedford St. intersection, to come forward with their evidence. This plea includes an appeal to owners of parked cars, including Teslas, which may have inadvertently recorded crucial information related to the sexual assault victim incident.

Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes expressed his determination to bring the assailant or assailants to sexual assault victim’s  justice, affirming that a full complement of police resources has been mobilized for this purpose. The police department has also pledged to keep the public informed with timely updates as new information becomes available.

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