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New York City Schools: Embarking New Curriculum in Academics and Health

New York City Schools are now ready to have another school year to look forward to. In another school year, schools are formally introducing another program for academics and mental health.

New York City Schools opening of classes

A report by Eyewitness News (WABC) emphasizes that the new school year is the most exciting part for the students in the city Not only in academics but also in Mental Health. The New York City schools will embark on another chapter in academics which introduces learning through old-school phonics in terms of literacy.

In the report published by abc7, the New York City schools’ students from pre-K to 12th grade will have a carefree breathing practice every day.

City leaders established New York City Reads in May that will focus again on reading and learning basic algebra. This will help the teachers to enhance the old curriculum. These are the foundations of the lessons that New York City schools must know.

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It has a $35 million budget committed by the city to train teachers and implement the program nationwide. These new changes in curriculum will lessen the burden on the New York City school students and have carefree mental health.

The New York City Mayor, Eric Adam emphasized that the basic academics were focused such as Algebra, Trigonometry, History, and English, and did not prepare their emotional intelligence to getting a job.

According to the article of Ground, the New program of New York City schools is to have a two-minute to five-minute mindful practice for the students every day. Earlier this year, the teachers will undergo training on the techniques.

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Another comment from New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks is that children are facing different types of trauma. It is not during the pandemic only but also in their everyday lives. Instead of crime and violence, they should learn breathing and balance. They should have to be taught how to deal with stress

Teachers said that the mindful breathing initiative is one of the Yoga alliance which is a yoga and mindfulness program for New York City schools.

It is one of the best things that the Department of Education has implemented to have a balance of academic and emotional growth for the students in New York City schools.

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