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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Milwaukee 2023 Edition

An elevated overhead highway sign. It reads "Milwaukee" and has an Interstate 43 shield above an arrow pointing downward.

U.S. News and World Report named Milwaukee as one of the top places to live in. In 2019 there will be news. because of its robust economy and abundance of entertainment. The Brew City is not always rainbows and sunshine, though, just like anywhere else in the world it also has a dark side and the most dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Milwaukee 2023 Edition (Photo: Smarter Travel)

Why are these places named the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that many people adore, and you might be eager to call it your home. However, you should consider the neighborhood’s safety before uprooting and moving your family there. Let’s look at the most dangerous areas in Milwaukee, including Park West and Washington Park.

According to FBI data, North Division, Franklin Heights, Metcalfe Park, Park West, and Garden Homes are the cities with the highest crime rates and, therefore one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. With 129 to 152% more violent and property crimes per capita in these areas than the rest of the city, they consistently have the highest rates in Milwaukee. Additionally, Brookfield should be avoided, Elm Grove, and Haymarket.

Sadly, Milwaukee is one of the most black-white-divided cities in the United States, just like Chicago. Crimes are caused by both this segregation and concerns with poverty making the most dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

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The worst areas of the city are identified based on the ratio of assaults, robberies, murders, and rapes per 100,000 population for each place to the national violent crime rate making it the most dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

With the money that could be used for city management of the so-called most dangerous neighborhood in Milwaukee, education, and other projects that could improve the community, a basketball arena, and other trivial things are being built.

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