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Prepping for War: Top Air Force Leader is Warning a War from China against US

Fighter jets arranged in a V shaped flying formation under dramatic overcast skies. Composite image.

Frand Kendall, Air force secretary is warning the US that China is prepping for a war during his speech.

Photo: Air and Space Forces Magazine

China Prepping for War

In a report by Daily Caller, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said in his speech that China is prepping for war against the United States. On Monday, he announced it during his speech at the Air and Space Forces Association’s 2023 Air, Space and Cyber Conference. It is according to the press release by the Air Force.

According to the press release this war is out of solution. Kendal said that the war was more likely to start in Taiwan and evoked Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which will happen to be an international war. He also added that China’s military is more advanced in prepping for war than the United States would ever imagine its power.

In a report by CNN reporter Haley Britzky according to Kendall on Monday the intelligence is not sure or doesn’t have a more explicit statement. As for him, whatever the intentions are China is prepping for war against the United States.

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In another report published by Ground, While North Korea and Russia are on stage for a global threat, on the other side, China is Prepping for war with a rapidly advanced military. Kendal said in his press release that China created two branches of a new military Rocket Force and Strategic Support Force- the former of it is intended for an attack against America’s high-value assets, aircraft carriers, forward airfields, and key C2 logistics nodes and to achieve information that will dominate the space and cyber domains.

Kendall also said in a press release that if their power is not capable and the capacity is not enough to discourage the Chinese aggression against Taiwan then there will be a war that cannot be stopped and the results are not good. Also, China is giving its best in prepping for war.

Senator comment in Prepping for War

Kendall pleaded with “one senator” to stop the obstruction to the confirmation of the military nominees from the Pentagon, perhaps referring to Republican Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, according to Britsky. In opposition to the Pentagon’s policy that pays for female military members’ out-of-state travel for abortions, Tuberville has effectively blocked over 300 nominations.

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According to Kendall in his comment to Britzky about the one senator who caused all the disruption all the families, men, women, and units are being ready which would affect their lives. He is also pleading on behalf of the men and women serving the country that they have to lift their blankets to see the 300 general officers waiting for their well-deserved promotions.

The Air Force does not respond to a request for a comment.

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