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Before The Start of the Jets-Bills Game, Fans Were Issued a Shelter-In-Place Warning

Extreme weather conditions are affecting players, coaches, and fans before the Jets-Bills game at MetLife Stadium, with a "shelter in place" warning preventing field access and urging shelter seekers. (Photo: New York Jets)

Before the start of the Monday Night Football  Jets-Bills Game at MetLife Stadium, extreme weather conditions are having an impact on the behavior of players, coaches, and fans.

The Jets-Bills games are set to face the Jets in the MNF clash, which has been issued a ‘Shelter In Place’ warning due to severe weather conditions. (Photo: The Economic Times)

About two hours before the Jets-Bills Game’s kickoff, a “shelter in place” warning was issued, prohibiting players and coaches from being on the field. Meanwhile, fans are urged to find shelter due to lightning and heavy rains in the area.

Although the tri-state region is currently experiencing storms, the forecast indicates that the heavy rains should end by kickoff between the Jets-Bills Game

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Adam Schefter of ESPN wrote on social media, “Current scene at MetLife, where a shelter-in-place warning is now in effect. No players or personnel are being from the Jets-Bills Game are allowed on the field.”

Later, he included a picture of a text message alert for public safety from the New Jersey State Police, which read:

“Severe weather is on its way. All spectators of the Jets-Bills Game are free to take refuge inside the stadium, in their cars, or by crossing the bridge to the American Dream. Do not congregate near the entrances, please. The event staff is on hand to help and direct you.

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