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Threats to Mexican Drug Cartel: A Psychological Warfare

Republicans are planning to do strategies that would target the Mexican drug cartel to stop the flow of fentanyl.

Fight for Mexican Drug Cartel

Republicans are saying harsh words about how they would stop the Mexican drug Cartels on the flow of fentanyl. Dan Crenshaw, one of the Congress’ leading proponents for military options, told NatSec Daily that he will give an olive branch to democrats so that the U.S. can speak about the issue.

In a report by POLITICO, Crenshaw one of the chairs of the Republican-led Task Force to Combat Mexican Drug Cartels sought help with the military force to fight against the mexican drug cartels.

But in a recent interview, Crenshaw claimed that the concept had been “misconstrued” and that the task group would probably propose a revised strategy before the year ended. He wants Democrats to support whatever is put forth, so he will have to back off from threatening to launch a unilateral bombing campaign against America’s neighbor. This might include a provision in pending law requiring the Mexican government’s approval before any military operations against cartels are authorized.

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In a report published by Foreign Policy, Crenshaw opened his strategies and tactics to extend hands to Democrats to escalate the fight against Mexican drug cartels from Florida Gov. Ron Desantis saying that he will be open to using drones that will help to strike against Mexican Drug Cartels to Vivek Ramaswamy floating a “shock-and-awe” military campaign.

These plans have alienated Democrats including Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Sen. BOB MENENDEZ (D-N.J.), who termed such talk “dangerous.”

Democrats, according to Crenshaw, don’t completely get the border situation or what he specifically wants to do to address it.

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