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Military Communication Systems were Discussed by US and China Representatives

The representatives from the U.S. and China met to discuss the military communication systems of Taiwan and Russia.

Military Communication Systems of Two Nations

White House National security adviser, Jake Sullivan, met the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, for hours this weekend. They have to stabilize troubled relations, especially the military communication systems.

According to separate statements on Saturday, the White House and Chinese Foreign Ministry both had candid, substantive, and constructive talks at their meeting on September 16-17. One of the senior Biden administration said that there were limited signs that the military communication systems would be restored.

In a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Chinese did not give their statement about the prospect of military-military communication systems. The latest in a string of high-level meetings between US and Chinese officials, Mr. Sullivan’s meeting with Mr. Wang could pave the way for a meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping later this year.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese planned to fly to Beijing to hold talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 50th anniversary of Gough Whitlam’s historic visit to China. One of their agendas is to solve the issue of the Military communications system.

In another report published by Reddit, Another Senior Biden Administration said that the talk lasted for 2 hours. As for them, they want to maintain the relationship despite the strained friendships and mutual suspicion between the rival powers. That is why, they talk more about the military communication systems. The Chinese foreign ministry agreed to maintain the high-level exchanges and hold bilateral consultations.

Even as it expressed concern over unspecified Chinese support for Russia and Beijing’s recent sending of fighter jets across the delicate median line of the Taiwan Strait, the US told China that it was ready to cooperate on counter-narcotics, artificial intelligence, and climate change, the US official said.

According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry statement that they have to warn the United States about the issue of Taiwan that would cause an insurmountable red line in Sino-US relations. They need to solve the military communications systems.

According to the US there is a very small or limited indication about Beijing which is not yet ready for the reopening of cross- military communications systems that would decrease the possibility of two countries. In another statement, the White House suggested that there will be more meetings to channel communication such as Military Communications systems and pursue high-level engagement and consultations in key areas.

The next likely opportunity for Mr. Biden and Mr. Xi to speak will be at the November Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco, where US aides have been hoping to set up such a meeting for months.

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