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The Tragic Tale of a Tennessee Teacher Raping a Student, a 12-Year-Old

The Tragic Tale of a Tennessee Teacher Raping a 12-Year-Old
The Tragic Tale of a Tennessee Teacher Raping a 12-Year-Old (PHOTO BY: NewsChannel9

Twenty days after her original detention for the child sex attack on September 8, Alissa McCommon, 38, was taken into custody in Covington, Tennessee, late on Thursday. This is a teacher raping a student.

The teacher raping a student is accused of violating a requirement of her $25,000 bond that prohibited her from communicating with her alleged victim. It is claimed that McCommon sent the youngster a text message from a phone number he was unfamiliar with, using code words to identify herself that she had previously used to send him nude images. The warning “You’ll regret this” is then alleged to have come after.  This time she was charged with coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, tampering with evidence, and harassment.

The arrest earlier this month came after multiple underage victims came forward and said that they were ‘befriended’ by their former teacher  – who invited them to play video games with her and connected with them on social media apps. The teacher raping a student was a sad case for the teacher.

McCommon had been a fourth-grade teacher at Charger Academy – an elementary school in Covington, Tennessee. She taught English and Language at the school until the district suspended her without pay on August 24 – although she ultimately resigned. However, the parents feel sad about the teacher raping a student

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The former instructor who is a teacher raping a student, allegedly escalated her online interactions with her former students to the point that she sent the kids obscene photos and asked them to have sex with her.

In 2021, the teacher raping a student was accused of abusing one of the kids inside her house who was 12 years old or younger.

Although there was no proof that any of the illicit behavior occurred on a school campus, McCommon admitted that she had been improperly speaking with some of her former students. CBS

After numerous victims came forward with information regarding the inappropriate actions of their former teacher, the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office collaborated with CPD officers.

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