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Defense Diplomacy and Development of China

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ended its fifth annual joint training exercise on September 13 with Singapore’s armed forces.

Defense Diplomacy and Development

Other than China, Cambodia’s army with the PLA also conducted a joint training for defense diplomacy and development in March. Last February, The BRICS members of China, Russia, and South Africa also conducted joint naval drills. These were all part of the Defense Diplomacy and Development.

In a report by the Taipei Times, The Defense Diplomacy and Development deploys armed forces for their policy goals. With these, the interaction of the nation’s military and foreign entities can bolster security and diplomatic goals. China is raising the strength of its military for engagement and diplomatic advantages. China gave overseas training to its troops and gave practice on deploying and resupplying at a distance. These are some of the goals of defense diplomacy and development. Also, military exchanges on the foster alliance will enhance the PLA’s collaboration with foreign forces and boost the military presence of China globally.

China, which ranks behind the US and Russia in terms of firepower, hopes to overtake the US as the world’s leading military force by 2050. Strengths of the US outside of soldier and weapon numbers include relationships and the capability to wage war from bases abroad. 80 countries host 750 US military installations. It is an active participant in AUKUS with Australia and the UK, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue with Australia, India, and Japan, and NATO, the greatest military alliance in the world.

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In another report by the South China Morning Post, the joint exercises, defense diplomacy, and development to China are the following: Defense cooperation, private security companies, overseas bases, weapons and technology, counterterrorism, humanitarian assistance, and regional security forums. Regarding these areas, it varies with some successes and some non-starters.

The defense diplomacy and development of China, Chinese police, the PLA, and some private sectors were also sent out to several countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. the combination of defense diplomacy and development will increase investments and trade agreements and China will secure more overseas bases.

Giving PLA forces operational experience in foreign nations through humanitarian aid and peacekeeping missions helps China’s international status. The PLA has taken part in police operations in Haiti as well as UN Blue Helmet peacekeeping and anti-piracy missions in Africa.

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The irony is that China has the largest regional security threat in the world. Though China succeeded in its headway in defense diplomacy and development some countries are willing to accept weapons and training. Its military diplomacy is being undermined by its aggression, especially in the South China Sea, and it is unable to forge strong allies.

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