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Man Stabbed to Death in Downtown Seattle, Family Shares Tragic Account of Fatal Assault

Juan Gonzalez, a 52-year-old individual, was fatally stabbed in downtown Seattle as he resisted a robbery. (Photo: newspressnow)

Tragic Loss: Man Stabbed to Death in Downtown Seattle During Robbery Attempt

Juan Gonzalez, a 52-year-old man stabbed to death in downtown Seattle while resisting a robbery attempt. (Photo: newspressnow)

Details Emerge of Man Stabbed to Death Defending Against Robbery

According to, The family of Juan Gonzalez, a 52-year-old man stabbed to death in downtown Seattle is sharing the tragic events leading up to his fatal assault. On September 29, Juan, the man stabbed to death, was walking with his family near Second Ave Ext S and Jackson St when two men attempted to rob him and his brother. They demanded money and belongings but Juan, the man stabbed to death, refused leading to a violent confrontation in which he was fatally stabbed multiple times.

Juan and his son Oscar, had recently arrived in Seattle in search of employment. They had plans to travel to Yakima to work in the fields but were in downtown Seattle to explore the city when the fatal stabbing occurred. Oscar recalls that his father had the hard-earned money from two days of work in his wallet and was determined not to give in to the robbers’ demands.

During the fatal stabbing attack, Oscar heard the commotion and rushed to his father’s aid. He called 911, and the suspects fled the scene after the fatal stabbing. Despite being fatally stabbed several times, Juan was still conscious when he was placed in an ambulance. Oscar spent hours trying to locate his fatally stabbed father but received no answers from the hospitals he visited. It wasn’t until he sought assistance from the Mexican Consulate that he learned of his father’s passing.

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Grieving Family’s Plea for Vigilance and Justice After Man Stabbed to Death

The family is devastated by the loss of Juan, the man stabbed to death, who was not only a provider for his family in Mexico but also a beloved father and grandfather. They are now raising funds online to lay Juan, the man stabbed to death, to rest and return his remains to Mexico. In the wake of this tragedy, they are urging everyone to be vigilant of their surroundings, particularly in busy and concerning areas like where the fatal stabbing occurred.

Authorities are actively seeking information about the suspects involved in the fatal stabbing attack and encourage anyone with details to contact Crime Stoppers or use the P3 Tips app, with a reward of $1000 offered for anonymous tips that lead to an arrest. Juan’s family remembers him with love and profound grief, emphasizing the importance of staying aware of one’s surroundings in urban areas to prevent similar fatal stabbing incidents.

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