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Fair and Equitable IRS Grants Boost Free Tax Assistance for Seniors and Underserved Communities


IRS Allocates $51 Million to Ensure Fair and Equitable Tax Assistance Programs for All

These programs offer free tax assistance to seniors and underserved communities, reinforcing the IRS’s dedication to providing fair and equitable access to essential tax services and financial education. (Photo: signalsaz)

Impactful Grants Foster Fair and Equitable Tax Preparation Programs

According to the source, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently allocated $51 million in grants for the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs, with the aim of providing free federal tax return preparation. These grants were awarded to 45 TCE and 300 VITA applicants out of 429 applications, underscoring the IRS’s commitment to ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of over $170 million in funding.

The TCE program, established in 1978, offers free tax counseling and federal return preparation services to individuals aged 60 and above, with a strong focus on delivering fair and equitable assistance. Trained volunteers are deployed at community locations nationwide to ensure that senior citizens can readily access valuable tax support.

Simultaneously, the VITA program, founded in 1969, is dedicated to supporting underserved communities, including low- and moderate-income individuals and those with limited English proficiency, with the overarching goal of delivering fair and equitable access to free federal tax return preparation and electronic filing services. This expansion aims to reach underrepresented populations while maintaining a commitment to fair and equitable practices.

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IRS Collaborations and Stakeholder Commitment Foster Equitable Tax Services

The IRS maintains collaborative partnerships with a diverse array of organizations across the country encompassing non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, community centers, and large employers. In providing tax law training, certification, and oversight to these partners, the IRS fosters a fair and equitable approach to preparing accurate returns. By strengthening these community partnerships, the IRS ensures a fair and equitable framework for tax administration and the delivery of valuable credits to those in need.

Maryann Enciso, acting national director for Stakeholder Partnerships, Education, and Communication, underscores that VITA and TCE grant recipients have a pivotal role in enhancing the taxpayer experience within their local communities, driven by a shared commitment to a fair and equitable approach. These grants reflect their unwavering dedication to providing quality tax preparation, financial education, and asset-building support, making VITA/TCE more than just a program but a noble cause aimed at helping American taxpayers in a fair and equitable manner.

For more information on applying for these programs or accessing the list of current grant recipients, individuals can visit the TCE or VITA webpages, and those interested in becoming a TCE or VITA volunteer can explore the opportunities offered on the IRS Tax Volunteers webpage to ensure a fair and equitable outreach.

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