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Former Olympic Athlete’s Joyful Marriage Announcement Turns Dark as Her ‘Husband’ Faces Stalking Arrest Within 3 Days

Photo: Koreaboo

Former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee, known for her outstanding achievements on the world stage, recently stirred headlines by revealing her upcoming marriage to Jeon Chung Jo.

Former Olympic Athlete’s Joyful Marriage Announcement Turns Dark as Her ‘Husband’ Faces Stalking Arrest Within 3 Days (Photo: VideoHive)

Revealing the Stalking Allegations

In a recent report published by Koreaboo News, in October 25, 2023,  the joyous news has taken an unexpected turn, leaving the public and fans in disbelief to the . Jeon Chung Jo, who was supposed to be the groom-to-be, was arrested on allegations of stalking Former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee, marking a startling twist in their relationship.

The Gyeonggi Seongnam Jungwon police station is currently conducting a thorough investigation towards the Former Olympic athlete into a troubling incident involving a woman in her 20s. As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that the woman in question is none other than Jeon Chung Jo.

Shockingly, Jeon Chung Jo is accused of making a late-night visit to Former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee’s mother’s residence, knocking on the door, and repeatedly ringing the doorbell. She allegedly claimed to know someone inside and requested entry, but instead, Former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee’s family took a responsible step by contacting the authorities, resulting in the immediate arrest of Jeon Chung Jo.

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From Wedding Bells to Controversy

According to the recent news released by Trstdly, merely three days ago, former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee and Jeon Chung Jo made a public declaration of their impending marriage. However, this seemingly joyful announcement has been marred by a cascade of revelations about Jeon Chung Jo’s identity. Initial reports shocked the public by revealing that Jeon Chung Jo is, in fact, a woman, setting the stage for a wave of controversies.

Subsequently, Dispatch uncovered an even more startling aspect of Jeon Chung Jo’s past, painting a vivid picture of her history as a criminal. The abrupt turn of events in the love story of this former Olympic athlete has captured the attention of a stunned public.

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