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Health Safety Violations Uncovered During September Inspections at 9 Mines Across 7 States Revealing Over 120 Safety and Health Violations Says US Department of Labor

Photo: IMEC Technologies

U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has recently completed a series of impact inspections at mines across seven states in September 2023, exposing 123 health safety violations.

Health Safety Violations Uncovered During September Inspections at 9 Mines Across 7 States Revealing Over 120 Safety and Health Violations Says US Department of Labor (Photo: St. Louis County)

Grim Findings of MSHA’s Inspections

In a recent development released by the Newsroom, in October 30, 2023, these inspections, a response to the tragic 2010 explosion at West Virginia’s Upper Big Branch Mine, continue to be a critical component in ensuring the well-being of miners. By targeting mines with a history of non-compliance, accidents, health safety violations, and injuries, the MSHA is striving to create a safer working environment within the mining industry.

In 2023 alone, MSHA’s impact inspections have brought to light 2,092 health safety violations, including 604 significant and substantial (S&S) infractions and 40 unwarrantable failure findings. S&S violations are those that pose a reasonable risk of causing severe injuries or illnesses, while unwarrantable failure health safety violations indicate a higher degree of negligence.

Among the 123 violations discovered in September, 17 were deemed significant and substantial. These inspections spanned mines in Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia, emphasizing the nationwide importance of mine safety amidst health safety violations.

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Urgent Call for Safer Mines

According to the report released by WSHA, Assistant Secretary for Mine Safety and Health, Chris Williamson, expressed his concerns over the persisting issue of repeat health safety violations, some of which were directly linked to previous fatal accidents. Inadequate workplace examinations and inadequate training are among the root causes identified in these accidents.

With an alarming increase in mining-related fatalities this year, MSHA is urging the mining community to prioritize the health and safety of miners. The recent inspections at the Marblehead Aggregates quarry in Ohio exemplify the gravity of the situation, revealing 25 health safety violations, including six significant and substantial infractions, largely stemming from the failure to conduct adequate workplace examinations and other safety oversights.

It is a stark reminder of the continued need for vigilance in the pursuit of safer working conditions in the mining industry.

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