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Neighborhoods In Detroit: The Factors Contributing To Its High Crime Rates

These are the neighborhoods in Detroit to watch out for. (Photo: Curbed Detroit)
These are the neighborhoods in Detroit to watch out for. (Photo: Curbed Detroit)

Many factors are said to be the reasons for the high crime rates in the neighborhoods in Detroit.

What neighborhoods in Detroit to avoid. (Photo: The Detroit News)

What neighborhoods in Detroit to avoid? (Photo: The Detroit News)

Neighborhoods In Detroit

There are neighborhoods in Detroit that are deemed as dangerous. There are also many underlying factors contributing to these challenges experienced by the neighborhoods in Detroit.

The neighborhoods in Detroit that are deemed dangerous include Forest Park, East Detroit, Southwest Detroit, Brightmoor, and Fiskhorn. Franklin Park, Greensbriar, Van Steuben, Warrendale, Belmont, Poletown East, and Carbon Works are also said to be dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit.

These neighborhoods in Detroit face issues such as high poverty levels, unemployment, drug-related crimes, and deteriorating infrastructure. Despite these challenges faced by neighborhoods in Detroit, there are community-led efforts to address the safety concerns and improve these neighborhoods.

According to a published article by NY Rent Own Sell, it is important to approach these neighborhoods in Detroit with empathy. Recognizing their potential for change is also a big help to support these neighborhoods in Detroit.

12-Point Crime-Fighting Plan For Detroit’s High Crime Rates

In a published article by Police1, during the warm weather months in Detroit, violent outbreaks and crime, such as shootings and drag racing, are a recurring problem.

However, since Police Chief James White implemented a 12-point crime-fighting plan in April, crime rates, including homicides and carjackings, have significantly decreased citywide.

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