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Unrepaired Prison Fence and Drowsy Guard Enable Philadelphia Prison Escape to Go Unnoticed, Reveals Prosecutor

Photo: ABC7 Chicago

An unrepaired prison fence, disabled motion sensors, and a sleeping guard played a critical role in aiding the escape of two inmates from a city prison.

Unrepaired Prison Fence and Drowsy Guard Enable Philadelphia Prison Escape to Go Unnoticed, Reveals Prosecutor (Photo: CBS News)

A Daring Escape: Unnoticed for 19 Hours

In a recent report published by AP News, in November 01, 2023, the incident remained unnoticed for a staggering 19 hours, prompting concerns about the prison’s security measures including an unrepaired prison fence. It explores into the escape of Ameen Hurst and Nasir Grant from the Philadelphia Industrial Correction Center and the various factors that contributed to their evasion of custody.

Ameen Hurst, aged 19, and Nasir Grant, aged 24, managed to escape from the Philadelphia Industrial Correction Center, raising questions about the prison’s security apparatus such an unrepaired prison fence. Hurst, who faced four counts of murder charges, was apprehended after ten days, while Grant, incarcerated on conspiracy drug and weapons charges, was captured four days after their escape. The escape was facilitated through a gap in the unrepaired prison fence, which had remained unrepaired for nearly seven weeks, even though prison staff had noticed it four days before the escape.

District Attorney Larry Krasner presented compelling evidence, including video footage, showing the inmates opening cell doors and navigating the prison with apparent ease. Moreover, the absence of a vigilant guard, unrepaired prison fence,  and a dysfunctional motion detection system contributed to the prolonged period during which their absence went unnoticed.

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Challenges in Prison Security: A Staffing Shortage Dilemma

According to the news released by the US News, the escape of Hurst and Grant has underscored several challenges in prison security such as unrepaired prison fence and dozing guards. One of the key issues cited is a staffing shortage exacerbated by the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Changes in executive leadership have been implemented, and efforts to improve security measures have been initiated, such as the installation of additional razor wire and upgrades to the video surveillance system.

Moreover, the introduction of new technology, such as armbands for real-time location tracking of incarcerated individuals, is on the horizon. The investigation into the escape in unrepaired prison fence is ongoing, with Krasner suggesting that more details will be shared with council members in private as authorities continue their pursuit of justice for the two escapees and their accomplices.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the crucial need to address and rectify security vulnerabilities within the prison system to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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