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Working Behind the Scenes, Obama and Biden Collaborated on Shaping the White House’s AI Approach

(Photo: nbcnews)

Obama and Biden’s Covert Collaboration: Shaping the White House’s AI Approach Behind the Scenes

Former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden have been working behind the scenes for months to shape the White House’s approach to artificial intelligence. (Photo:

Unveiling the Covert AI Collaboration: Obama and Biden’s Behind-the-Scenes Endeavors

According to source, Former President Barack Obama has been working behind the scenes with President Joe Biden for several months to shape the White House’s approach to artificial intelligence (AI). Their joint efforts, working behind the scenes, resulted in the signing of an executive order by President Biden to establish government oversight of AI development. In 2022, Obama, while working behind the scenes, recognized significant breakthroughs in AI technology and engaged in discussions about AI and machine learning with Biden who encouraged him to consult with the administration, working behind the scenes to advance AI policy.

Their collaboration conducted while working behind the scenes gained momentum in June when Biden with Obama’s involvement behind the scenes, sought assistance in creating a crucial executive order. They held discussions and meetings behind the scenes, involving White House officials to formulate a substantive framework for AI policy.

During this process Biden with Obama’s support behind the scenes, secured commitments from 15 leading companies and consulted with industry leaders behind the scenes to address issues related to information integrity, discrimination and bias.

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Championing AI Transformation: Obama, Biden, and Schumer’s Silent Work for Innovation and Democracy

Obama, working behind the scenes, also engaged with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on AI-related matters. He emphasized, while working behind the scenes the importance of adapting to the transformational changes brought about by AI and expressed support for the executive order’s goals in encouraging innovation while addressing potential risks.

The executive order, which has been praised as a significant step in AI safety, security, and trust, includes key components related to consumer privacy, security standards, international safety approaches and civil rights. Obama and Biden, working behind the scenes underscored the need for swift action, recognizing the rapid pace of technological advancement in the AI field. They emphasized, while working behind the scenes, the importance of preserving democratic values while harnessing the benefits of AI technology to strengthen democracy and maintain American leadership in the field.

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