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New Yorkers Urged to Check Powerball Tickets After $50,000 Wins

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New Yorkers Urged to Check Powerball Tickets: Two $50,000 Winners in Recent Drawing

With no first or second place winners, now is the time to check Powerball tickets for potential wins before the next drawing on November 13. (Photo:

Winners from Manhattan and Jackson Heights: New York’s Powerball Jackpot Claimants

According to source, New Yorkers are being strongly encouraged to check their Powerball tickets after two people in the city were reported to have won $50,000 each in a recent Powerball drawing. The winning numbers for the draw held on Saturday night were 1, 12, 14, 24, and 57, along with a Powerball number of 7. It’s crucial to check Powerball tickets for these winning numbers.

Both winners are taking home a third-place prize of $50,000, as there were no first or second place winners in the drawing. It’s a great time to check Powerball tickets for potential wins. The next drawing is scheduled for Monday, November 13, so be sure to check Powerball tickets regularly.

The first winning ticket from Saturday was sold at the Kiritkumar Patel newsstand in Manhattan, while the second victorious ticket was purchased at Q&Q Discounts in Jackson Heights. Since the tickets were bought in New York, the winners’ names and cities will become public record, although as of Sunday, their identities had not yet been disclosed. It’s imperative to check Powerball tickets in case you are one of the lucky winners.

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Claiming Your Powerball Jackpot: Important Steps and Deadline Reminders

To claim their winnings, the two players have several options, including mailing their ticket directly to the official lottery, redeeming it at a local prize claim center, or scheduling an appointment with one of the Lottery’s Customer Service Centers. Remember to check Powerball tickets to see if you have a winning ticket. They will need to provide their winning ticket, a completed claim form, valid government-issued ID, as well as a social security number or FEIN. They have one year to check Powerball tickets and claim their prize, and if they are overseas during the collection time frame, they can still mail a claim form to the official lottery PO box in Schenectady, New York. It’s essential to check Powerball tickets to ensure you claim your prize in time.

However, the New York State lottery warns that anyone who finds a lost, unsigned winning ticket can use it to claim the prize. Therefore, it’s crucial to always sign the back of your tickets right away and frequently check Powerball tickets for potential wins. If the two winners fail to check Powerball tickets and claim the prize money, it will be returned to the prize pool for future games. If you purchased a ticket from the Manhattan newsstand or Jackson Heights store and suspect it might be one of the winning tickets, it’s advisable to check Powerball tickets promptly to confirm their numbers and claim your prize before it’s too late.

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