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Waukesha County Court Renders Verdict: Wisconsin Woman Convicted in Friend’s Death Linked to Eye Drops

Photo: Sky News

Jessy Kurczewski, a 39-year-old woman from Wisconsin, was found guilty on all counts, including first-degree intentional homicide and theft, verdict came after two days of intense deliberation by the jury in Waukesha County court.

Waukesha County Court Renders Verdict: Wisconsin Woman Convicted in Friend’s Death Linked to Eye Drops (Photo: News Channel 5)

Substance Use Disorder and Financial Motivations Revealed in Trial

In a recent report published by ABC News, in November 15, 2023, the charges in Waukesha County court against Kurczewski were in connection with the 2018 death of her friend and caregiver, 62-year-old Lynn Hernan, who was discovered lifeless in her Pewaukee home. The case took an unexpected turn when the toxicological report revealed a fatal dose of tetrahydrozoline, the primary component in over-the-counter eye drops, in Hernan’s system.

As the trial unfolded in Waukesha County court over several weeks, the prosecution gave light on Kurczewski’s alleged motive, claiming she stood to gain financially from Hernan’s demise, stating that “Lynn Hernan became worth more dead than alive” to the defendant. This revelation brought attention to the financial vulnerability of the victim and the lengths some individuals might go to satisfy their desires.

The defense, however, maintained Kurczewski’s innocence, suggesting that Hernan’s death was not a result of poisoning but rather linked to her own health struggles. The Waukesha County court, courtroom drama further highlighted the complexities surrounding Substance Use Disorder and its potential role in shaping individuals’ actions.

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A Twisted Tale of Friendship Turned Deadly

According to the news released by NBC News, the shocking Waukesha County court trial of Jessy Kurczewski reached its climax as the jury delivered a guilty verdict for first-degree intentional homicide and theft. The accusations stemmed from Kurczewski allegedly spiking her friend Lynn Hernan’s water bottle with a lethal dose of eye drops, leading to Hernan’s untimely death in 2018. Kurczewski’s emotional breakdown during the reading of the Waukesha County court’s verdict added a poignant dimension to the courtroom proceedings, emphasizing the gravity of the charges.

Behind the scenes, a more sinister narrative emerged as the Waukesha County court prosecution argued that Kurczewski’s actions were fueled by financial gain, portraying the victim as a target of greed. The defense countered with an alternative narrative, attributing Hernan’s death to her own lifestyle choices. The case dived into the blurred lines between friendship and betrayal, exposing the intricate dynamics at play and prompting reflection on the impact of Substance Use Disorder on personal relationships and decision-making.

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