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Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Two Brings Rainfall Across Caribbean, Fails to Reach Storm Status


Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Two’s Impact and Rare ‘V’ Names in the Atlantic

Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Two brought heavy rainfall to the Caribbean but did not escalate to tropical storm status, resulting in scaled-back watches. (Photo:

Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Two: Heavy Rainfall and Warnings Across the Caribbean

According to source, Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Two, brought heavy rainfall to Jamaica, southeastern Cuba, and southern Hispaniola but fell short of reaching tropical storm status. As a result, Potential Tropical Cyclone Watches were scaled back. Although the disturbance was monitored for Potential Tropical Cyclone development, it did not meet the criteria for classification as a tropical storm, and Potential Tropical Cyclone Watches were issued for parts of Jamaica, southeastern Cuba, Hispaniola, and the Bahamas.

Initially anticipated to bring 4-8 inches of rain, with isolated amounts up to 16 inches, across Jamaica, southeastern Cuba, and southern Hispaniola, the Potential Tropical Cyclone posed a risk of flash flooding and mudslides in elevated areas.

Additionally, minor coastal flooding and life-threatening rip currents were possible in areas affected by onshore winds along the southeastern coast of Cuba, the southeastern Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Despite these warnings, Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Two dissipated before developing into a named storm.

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Rare Occurrence: The Scarce Presence of ‘V’ Named Storms in Atlantic History

Notably, the use of the letter “V” for storm names is infrequent in the Atlantic, with only three storms designated as Potential Tropical Cyclones with a V name since the naming practice began in 1953. The last occurrence was Potential Tropical Cyclone Victor in 2021, which remained in open Atlantic waters.

The only Atlantic storm named Potential Tropical Cyclone Vince made landfall in 2005 as a hurricane, impacting the Iberian Peninsula. The rarity of Potential Tropical Cyclone V-named storms highlights their infrequent occurrence in the Atlantic basin.

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