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China and US Presidents Stress Potential for Economic Cooperation

Biden - Xi
Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden have highlighted the extensive opportunities for economic collaboration (Photo: ekathimerini)
US - China Business ties

China and US Presidents Stress Potential for Economic Cooperation (Photo: China Daily)

President Xi Jinping’s Letter Highlights Economic Opportunities

At a recent event, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden talked about how their countries can work together on many business issues. At the US-China Business Council (USCBC) Jubilee Gala in Washington, DC, where Chinese Ambassador to the US Xie Feng read President Xi’s letter of congratulations, everyone was in a happy mood. President Xi said that he thought there was a lot of room for China and the US to work together on trade and economic issues in the future. He stressed that China was committed to promoting high-quality growth and creating a law-based, market-based, and world-class business environment. The Chinese president stressed how important it is for China and the US to work together to solve world problems, saying that the future of all people and the interests of both countries are at stake.

President Xi also asked the US to work together to carry out the deals they made when they met with President Biden in California. He said that he hoped the USCBC and its member companies would help people get along better and work together more, which would lead to a new age of collaboration where everyone benefits over the next 50 years.

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President Biden Emphasizes Collaboration and Stability

In a letter read at the gala, President Biden praised the USCBC for its important work in boosting trade and business ties between the US and Canada. He said that everyone in the world wants the US and China to work together on important problems like the climate disaster, food security, and health security. President Biden reaffirmed the need for a stable relationship to ensure peaceful and important cooperation. He stressed the commitment to handle the competition between the two countries responsibly.

Nicholas Burns, the US ambassador to China, said that he was eager to work on normalizing the two countries’ business ties and stressed how important it was for the two countries to have a stable and peaceful relationship. Ambassador Xie stressed the importance of keeping promises and putting shared understandings into action. He also talked about what China is doing to take practical steps on the economy and trade after the summit.

Both Chinese and US leaders have said and done things that show they want to improve economic cooperation and build a relationship that is safe, prosperous, and good for both sides.

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