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Christmas Nightmare: Disabled Army Veteran Robbed of Car and Gifts While Shopping

Disabled army veteran Rick Evans was devastated to find out his $1,700 worth of Christmas presents was missing (Photo: Car)
car robbery

Disabled army veteran Rick Evans was devastated to find out his $1,700 worth of Christmas presents was missing (Photo: Car and Driver)

Disabled Veteran Rick Evans Left Heartbroken After Christmas Shopping Misfortune

Disabled army veteran Rick Evans has been left reeling after a heart-wrenching incident on what should have been a joyful Christmas Eve. Evans, preparing to visit family in Columbus, made a quick stop at a Target store in East Point. However, upon returning to his car, he was devastated to find it missing, along with approximately $1,700 worth of Christmas presents, intended for his grandchildren and daughter.

The emotional toll of the theft is evident, with Evans expressing despair and hopelessness at the loss. He has tirelessly reached out to East Point police and continued to do so on Christmas Eve, yearning for a breakthrough. The devastation caused him to cancel his planned trip to Columbus and spend Christmas alone in Atlanta, a stark contrast from his intended celebrations with loved ones.

The trauma of this event is particularly profound for Evans, who has faced the horrors of war during his time in Iraq. With unprecedented desolation, he finds it challenging to articulate the depth of his misery, preferring not to burden others with his suffering.

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Authorities are hopeful that the Target store’s security cameras and potential witnesses may provide critical leads to solve the case and possibly recover the stolen gifts, albeit belatedly. In response to this distressing turn of events, a GoFundMe page has been initiated by Evans’ family to provide support during this difficult time.

This unfortunate incident underscores the vulnerability of even those who have sacrificially served their country. As the community rallies around Rick Evans, it is a poignant reminder to cherish the shared joy of the holiday season and extend compassion to those facing adversity.

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