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$2.3 Million in Prizes Await Claim, Winners Urged to Check Tickets and Claim Their Fortunes

Photo from the US Sun

Four lottery jackpots worth $2.3 million remain unclaimed in one U.S. state, prompting winners to verify their tickets. A lottery specialist said freelance consumer reporter Maya Lanzone’s article highlights the large quantity of unclaimed lottery money annually.

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Alert for Minnesota Lottery Players: Two $1 Million Prizes Unclaimed, Urging Residents to Check Tickets Now!

Minnesota residents should check their lottery tickets since there are two $1 million Minnesota Millionaire Raffle prizes unclaimed. Coborn’s grocery store in Delano sold one winning ticket, and Dundas’ Kwik Trip sold the other.

A $222,390 winning ticket from Minnesota’s Gopher 5 game on January 10, 2024, was sold at a Silver Lake Corner Market. Another $130,000 winning ticket from an April 3, 2023 game was sold at a Forest Lake Speedway. The report lists multiple Minnesota unclaimed prizes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prizes over $50,000 must be claimed at the Roseville, Minnesota offices during work hours.

Residents should visit the Minnesota Lottery website to check winning tickets. The Minnesota Millionaire Raffle is simple: buy a $10 ticket and wait until January 1 to see if your six-digit number matches any of the winning numbers, according to the report. The $1 Minnesota-only Gopher 5 game offers different prize amounts based on matching numbers.

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Claim Your Fortune Now: Urgent Call for Minnesota Lottery Winners to Verify Tickets

The winners must act quickly to receive their awards. The National Gambling Hotline and National Council on Problem Gambling website offers support for gambling addicts.

It urges lottery participants to verify their tickets and claim winnings quickly due to the large unclaimed awards. It describes unclaimed rewards, where winning tickets were sold, and how players can check their tickets. The piece is fascinating and relevant since it combines information and urgency.

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