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Costco Fans Disheartened as New 750-Calorie Cookie Replaces Adored Churros

Photo from The US Sun

Costco enthusiasts express dismay over the introduction of a 750-calorie chocolate chunk cookie, replacing the beloved churros in the nationwide food court, The US Sun reported. Priced at $2.50, the cookie sparks controversy, prompting calls for both treats to coexist.

Photo from Google

Churro Lovers Share Frustration

Post-Christmas, the new cookie leaves churro devotees disappointed. Fans voice confusion and discontent, questioning why Costco opted for the cookie over the cherished churros.

Social media platforms echo complaints, with many expressing a strong preference for churros. One user notes, “Never in my life would I choose a chocolate chip cookie over a churro.”

Calls intensify for Costco to bring back churros alongside the new cookie, with users pleading, “Why can’t we have both?” The absence of fan-favorite churros triggers nostalgia and discontent among loyal customers.

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Cookie Criticisms and Menu Speculation

Shoppers tasting the new cookie criticize its flavor, deeming it “not worth” the high calorie count. The decision behind introducing the cookie while discontinuing churros remains unclear, leaving customers puzzled.

Costco patrons desire menu diversity, suggesting both churros and cookies coexist. Calls for clarity on the decision-making process behind the menu change grow, as loyal customers seek understanding.

Despite the churro’s absence, Costco continues to offer popular items like hotdogs, smoothies, and milkshakes. The fate of the churro remains uncertain, prompting speculation about potential menu changes and customer reactions.

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