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U.S. Navy’s Impenetrable Defense: How Destroyers Counter Houthi Anti-Ship Missiles

Photo from: Breaking Defense

The US Navy has successfully defended its warships from Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the undeclared missile conflict. With significant protective measures, the U.S. Navy has prevented Houthi attacks on American and allied ships in the Red Sea. To counter Houthi anti-ship missiles, sophisticated radar and missile systems have been crucial.

Photo from: Breaking Defense

Iran’s Proxy Warfare and Houthi Challenge

As Iran-backed Houthi rebels threaten the U.S. Navy with missiles, Red Sea tensions grow. Houthi terrorists kidnap commercial ships and unleash missiles at American allies, posing a major threat. Defence actions by the U.S. Navy are vital to regional stability.

U.S. Navy vessels, three as of December 18, defend allies, including Israel, against long-range drone and missile attacks as Houthi raids escalate. Destroyers strategically placed in the Red Sea intercept threats over the region’s flattest terrain, deterring oncoming strikes.

American guided missile destroyers use advanced air defense systems to defend against mass strikes. The AN/SLQ-32 electronic combat system, or “Slick 32,” detects hostile radar signals. This early-warning technology gives ship operators milliseconds to assess threats and take defensive action.

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AN/SLQ-32 Detection Mechanism

The AN/SLQ-32 detects anti-ship missile radar emissions as the first line of defense. At remarkable speed, the system triggers an alarm and quickly identifies the missile’s kind and heading. Human operators may quickly anticipate and avoid collisions with this smart detection mechanism.

U.S. Navy operators respond quickly to the immediate threat with this real-time intelligence. Destroyers’ radar and missile air-defense systems intercept Houthi missiles and drones. The Navy’s ability to defend against these attacks shows its dedication to security in the face of changing threats.

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