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US and Iraq Set to Commence Talks on Ending Military Presence

Photo from: Press TV

Washington and Baghdad are gearing up for discussions on concluding the US-led military coalition in Iraq, responding to mounting calls within the country for the withdrawal of approximately 2,500 US troops. The talks mark a significant development as the US drops preconditions related to attacks by Iran-backed Iraqi militia groups, setting the stage for negotiations that could reshape the dynamics of the region.

Photo from: Press TV

Easing Preconditions for Dialogue

Sources reveal that the US has abandoned preconditions demanding a halt to attacks by Iran-backed Iraqi militias before initiating talks. This shift in approach underscores a willingness to engage in discussions without prior conditions, a departure from previous diplomatic stances.

In a letter delivered by American ambassador Alina Romanowski to Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, the US expressed readiness to commence talks, signaling a diplomatic opening. The content of the letter is set for careful consideration by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani and relevant authorities in Iraq.

The talks are expected to pivot around the future of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, addressing the evolving security landscape in the region. As both nations explore the next phase of collaboration, the negotiations hold implications for regional stability amid heightened tensions and conflicts.

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Regional Context and Security Challenges

Against a backdrop of increased instability in the Middle East, including Israel’s conflict in Gaza and rising Houthi rebel attacks on Red Sea shipping, the discussions become more crucial. The region’s complex dynamics and recent escalations contribute to the urgency of finding diplomatic solutions.

Initiating talks has been under consideration for months, according to a US official, emphasizing that the timing is not a direct response to recent attacks. The US asserts its right to self-defense during the negotiations, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its forces in the region.

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