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Trump Delay Tactic Face Interest Costs: E. Jean Carroll Eyes Swift Collection of $83 Million Damages

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

Despite Donald Trump’s plan to appeal the latest defamation ruling in E. Jean Carroll’s case, legal experts suggest that Trump delay tactic could lead to increasing interest costs, reaching a total of $83 million, Washington Press reported. The former president owes this sum after Carroll’s successful defamation trial, where she accused him of defaming her when she disclosed an alleged rape incident. Legal analysts emphasize the potential repercussions of Trump’s appeal and the financial impact of delaying the payment.


Trump Delay Tactic Face Interest Costs: E. Jean Carroll Eyes Swift Collection of $83 Million Damages (Photo: ABC News)

Interest Accumulation Threatens Trump Delay Tactic

Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, expresses confidence in the ruling’s validity and anticipates her client’s eventual payment. Legal experts stress the potential financial consequences of Trump delay tactic and the impact on the overall amount owed.

Former Republican strategist George Conway suggests an alternative for Carroll to expedite the payment process—selling the right to collect judgments to another party. This strategy could provide immediate liquidity for Carroll while allowing a third party to manage the legal proceedings and property attachments, potentially benefiting both parties.

As Trump criticizes the legal system’s role, Carroll contemplates the positive use of the awarded funds. The New York Times reports Trump’s social media attack on the legal system but notes his avoidance of directly criticizing Carroll. Kaplan hints at the readiness to pursue additional defamation claims if Trump’s actions necessitate a return to court.

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Carroll’s Strategic Options and Trump’s Post-Verdict Behavior

Carroll’s plans for the awarded money remain undisclosed, with intentions to use it for a “something good.” Trump’s response to the verdict includes a social media attack on the legal system, raising questions about his next legal steps.

Kaplan emphasizes the willingness to pursue further defamation claims if Trump’s actions warrant a return to court. Legal experts and strategists evaluate the potential outcomes of Carroll’s strategic choices and Trump’s approach to the aftermath of the verdict.

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