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White Settlement Suspect for Child Sexual Assault Case: Accused Suspect Turns Himself In Amid Bond Controversy

White Settlement Suspect
White Settlement Suspect

The arrest and release of Steven Skalij in the White Settlement suspect for child sexual assault case has sparked public outcry after his bond was lowered, raising concerns for community safety and justice.

White Settlement Suspect

Steven Skalij, the White Settlement Suspect for Child Sexual Assault Case has surrendered following months on the run.

Community Outrage Grows as Bond Lowered Again for Alleged White Settlement Suspect Steven Skalij

The Tarrant County Sheriff‘s Office has confirmed that 39-year-old Steven Skalij, the White Settlement Suspect for Child Sexual Assault Case has surrendered following months on the run, but this has led to a new wave of frustration among law enforcement officials and community members alike. White Settlement Police Chief, Christopher Cook, credits news and social media pressure for Skalij’s surrender, yet is concerned for potential victims and outraged by the decision to lower the bond for the accused child predator.

In the report of NBC 5, it is said that the parents of a 15-year-old girl stated that Skalij had sexually assaulted their daughter and found a video on her phone in October 2023. Skalij was additionally arrested after identifying a second 14-year-old girl. Unbelievably, his bond for his subsequent offenses has been lowered twice, outraging the community and raising doubts about the justice process.

Skalij’s property allegedly had multiple living areas, which housed several teens and adults. Disturbingly, reports reveal that some residents “turned the other way” when it came to enforcing state laws regarding teenagers engaging in romantic relationships with adults.

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After Skalij bonded out the first time, he picked up one of the victims in these cases. Judge Christopher Gregory, responsible for setting the high bond amounts, admitted to being “shocked” when the bond was lowered for the second time.

Local law enforcement is determined to keep Skalij behind bars, with Chief Cook expressing a strong frustration regarding the “revolving door” nature of the situation. Cook is working with Tarrant County’s bond desk to prove that Skalij violated the conditions of his first bond, hoping to prove that he is not eligible for bail this time around.

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