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Cynthia Wood’s Accused Killer Has Just Been Arrested Decades After Her Death

Cynthia Wood’s Accused Killer Has Just Been Arrested Decades After Her Death

Decades after Cynthia Wood’s death in 1984, Donald Michael Santini, Wood’s accused killer who is wanted for her death, has just been arrested.

Cynthia Wood (Photo: CBS News)

How Wood’s Killer Avoided the Law For Many Decades

Hillsborough County detectives were headed to San Diego County to take the statement of Donald Michael Santini, who is currently in custody after being arrested last Wednesday. Santini has been avoiding the law since June of 1984 when an arrest warrant was approved that linked Santini to the death of Cynthia Wood. Wood was believed to be from Bradenton.

Wood’s body was found five days after she was reported missing on June 6, 1984. Her body was found inside a drainage ditch. Reports from the medical examiner revealed that Wood has been strangled and that her body had Santini’s prints. The police stated that Santini may be living under another identity all these years, which made him difficult to track.

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Santini’s Arrest

KGTV reported that U.S Marshals received a tip that came from the Regional Fugitive Task Force to Campo, where Santini was apprehended. We are aware of this arrest and have sent detectives to interview Santini, while we await extradition,” said the sheriff’s office in their official statement. The sheriff’s office also said in their statement that Santini’s arrest allowed them to reanalyze the evidence that was collected from Wood’s death using today’s forensic technology.

Santini is scheduled to appear in the San Diego County court this Friday. According to records, Santini currently has no lawyer to speak for him at this time.

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