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Nicola Sturgeon, Former Scottish First Minister, Has Been Released After Being Arrested For Questionable Government Expenses

Nicola Sturgeon, Former Scottish First Minister, Has Been Released After Being Arrested For Questionable Government Expenses (Photo: CNN)

Nicola Sturgeon, who was a notable Scottish political figure for years, was apprehended following an investigation of questionable government expenses.

Nicola Sturgeon (Photo: CNN)

Sturgeon’s Arrest

Scotland authorities stated that a 52-year-old woman was arrested in relation to a current investigation into the expenses of the Scottish National Party. It was believed that she was released after six hours of questioning without charges. British police do not name their suspects until charges are pressed. After her release, Sturgeon said that her arrest was a shocking and distressing experience. Sturgeon leaned on social media to explain that she knows “beyond doubt” that she is innocent and is free from any wrong.

Sturgeon’s spokesman declared to BBC News that she was and currently is working with the Scotland authorities on the investigation. Her spokesman added that she attended an interview and was brought in by Scotland authorities in connection with “Operation Branchform”.

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SNP’s Questionable Campaign Expenses and Sturgeon’s Departure

Scotland authorities were looking into how the funds for a Scottish independence campaign were spent, amounting to 600,000 pounds or $740,000. Colin Beattie, the party’s treasurer, and Peter Murrell, the party’s former chief executive were also taken into custody for questioning in relation to the ongoing investigation. Both were not charged. Murrell and Sturgeon are married, and authorities previously searched their home last April, following Murrell’s arrest.

Last February, Sturgeon suddenly resigned as leader of the Scottish National Party and as Scotland’s First Minister. She stated that it was time for her to leave, giving way for “someone else”. Sturgeon’s departure left a massive impact on SNP, given that the party was already suffering from a membership crisis and divisions in strategy to achieve independence.

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